PREMIERE: Pocket & Rohaan Team Up In Emotionally Exhilarating 'idontwannabeafraid' – FUXWITHIT

Unexpected collaborations often impress when two distinct styles come together flawlessly into one piece. Today, we have the extreme pleasure of premiering a track that falls beautifully into this category.

Pocket and Rohaan aren’t the first producers that one would think of when asked who would be best suited to collaborate with each respective artist, but being under the same management can open doors that one might have never considered in the past. And when it works, it works. Part of bitbird‘s Gouldian Finch 04 set to release on October 15th, ‘idontwannabeafraid’ is an unlikely combination of seemingly unique sounds forming into one incredible, soul-stirring track.

The Gouldian Finch compilations have always showcased rich, meaningful tracks from established and up-and-coming talents, and the latest from Pocket and Rohaan is a perfect fit for this imprint. Following up releases from Duskus, Dot, Tails, Couros, and Slow Magic, the pair of producers contribute an exquisite mix of future garage and drum and bass to the ensemble, with each creative making his mark individually but both flexing an undeniable sonic chemistry. As Pocket’s first official collaboration, ‘idontwannabeafraid’ sets the bar high for his versatility, having already dazzled us with a set of glistening singles. Similarly, Rohaan has been on a hot streak of his own lately, with releases on Sable Valley, Space Yacht and Pilot Records all in the last month.

‘idontwannabeafraid’ oddly combines rave-like rhythms with unmatched emotive riffs, creating exactly what one could imagine from a Pocket and Rohaan teaming, but simultaneously exceeding expectations. It’s intricate and detailed, but easy to listen to. It’s rapid in tempo, but not overwhelming in energy. Pocket and Rohaan balance their individual influences to concoct a piece filled with spine-chilling textures and melodies, without escaping the natural energy found in drum and bass-leaning tracks. It’s extremely difficult to do such a beautiful track justice with words, so we implore you to dive into this one with your eyes closed and heart open – it’s guaranteed to move you. Don’t miss ‘idontwannabeafraid’ below.