PREMIERE: nikko Opens A Gateway To The Underworld With ‘BURN’

The undeniable talent within nikko‘s work is extraordinary. At such a young age, this up-and-coming icon has already made a solid and strong impression on the industry. Working day and night to evolve his technical skills while separating his sound from the rest in such charismatic ways. The combination of hard-hitting sound design and spine-tingling rhythmic structures creates an experience beyond belief. Not to mention his sampling game is top-notch throughout his pieces. And with his newest single, ‘BURN,’ he’s amping up the stakes yet again with star-dazzling energy and composition. This one is a wild ride!

This song was written in a sudden burst of inspiration following the support of one of my idols, RL Grime. I had finally figured out what I want my sound to represent, and BURN is exactly that. It’s chaotic, energetic, bright, and vibrant-a true culmination of all of my inspirations up until now. With BURN, I took lots of flavors of breakbeats and rave sounds, which have become staples of my sound. This track was written in just a few days, and yet I consider it to be my best thus far. I plan to continue innovating on my sound, as well as having fun pushing myself to make captivating and exciting records. – nikko

Saturated vocal leads, earth-shattering drums, all of these qualities are what you’ll find throughout this journey and more! Sensing the power behind his whimsical creativity from just the first few seconds. A monsoon of fresh organic tones swirls throughout your body as it carries your soul into the underworld. Giving listeners a sense of empowerment and confidence. Completely throwing you off guard in every turn. From the main vocal complimenting the title of the track to nikko’s colorful signature style within the chorus sections, fans will be blown away every step of the way as it forms into a bigger and diabolical force. Showcasing his constant state of creative motion. Another amazing performance! We’re excited to hear more from the artist along his travels. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘BURN.’