PREMIERE: Neonix Gets Groovily Eccentric In 'Pornograffiti' – FUXWITHIT

Over the years, Neonix has steadily risen into one of the driving forces of innovation in the world of dubstep. Since his early works on Savage Society Records and Circus Records, the Dallas-based producer has evolved his sound into something that many want to copy, but that none can come close to. Never Say Die has served as the home to the majority of his most recent projects, namely the Puppets, Lee Jennings and The Lee Jenningser EPs. Continuing along the theme of the latter two aforementioned collections, The Lee Jenningsest EP is due this Friday via the legendary label once again.

An evolution in style, sound and Lee Jennings (yes, it’s both a noun and an adjective), Neonix’s upcoming four-track collection is among his best work to date, boasting an unprecedented versatility that many are sure to love. Today, we have the extreme pleasure of premiering ‘Pornograffiti,’ a standout from The Lee Jenningsest EP. Fans of Neonix know him for his aggressive and rugged approach to production, often melting one’s face with every new release. Throw that out the window before pressing play on ‘Pornograffiti,’ though, as the artist has crafted an incredibly unique piece that flexes a house groove unlike anything we’ve heard from him in the past. Upon pressing play, listeners are thrown for a loop with rhythmic percussion driving the energy into a subtle bass introduction. Gradually, Neonix leads one to the highlight of the track with bubbly fills and eccentric sounds. When the drop hits, the danceability and swing of the piece are amplified to new heights as a simple yet infectious bassline takes center stage. Unleashing further mayhem eighty seconds into the track, Neonix’s dubstep influence comes to light with sharp, menacing synths peppering your ear drums repeatedly.

Neonix’s meticulous attention to detail and his ability to switch things up before they get stagnant are what make ‘Pornograffiti’ one of the best bass house tracks we’ve heard in a long time. Don’t miss it below.