Sykotix Soothes Emotions Of Destruction With 'CHOSEN.' – FUXWITHIT

Making a whimsical debut on Destinuna, Sykotix creates a weapon of mass prosperity called ‘CHOSEN.’ A suave and dangerous track. Containing interesting and forward-thinking characteristics. Bringing in a new type of sound for his listeners to be whisked away off their feet. Breaking boundaries once again and creating a true and surreal tune. A major step for his vision and journey as a whole.

Throughout his time in the industry, Sykotix has been working non-stop to bring us only the highest quality art to date. His adaptability when it comes to cinematic arrangements, melodies and more have shaped him as a human and as a creative. Bringing in nothing but pure heat. From relaxing future beat pieces to monumental environments of frequencies, this artist is like no other. Showcasing how flexible he can be with pure raw energy. No matter what track you may hear, you’re bound to become addicted to the specific flavor he throws in his masterpieces. He’s even collaborated with legends keeth., ParaDigitz and more! And with his most recent work, he’s yet again managed to create a whole new world full of surprises and charismatic skills.

‘CHOSEN.’ is an energetic classic. Ready to take on any dance floor around the world. A pure rush of adrenaline and a variety of emotions from beginning to end. Showcasing the next big step for this icon’s path of riches. The way every characteristic has its own place and space working together in harmony is truly breathtaking. The attention to detail is off the charts. Gripping the listener’s attention instantly. Putting them into a cool and calming trance. A space for all to feel at peace.

From a grand introduction to a blast of pure grit and whimsy within the chorus sections, this will be one of your favorite pieces of 2021. There’s so much going on but it all makes complete sense. Telling a tale of empowerment and perseverance through only sound. And each part is its own spirit and chapter throughout. Iconic to say the least. Nothing but tons of exciting qualities and surprises hiding around every corner. And once the outro starts to take its form, he tones the whole mood down in the best ways possible. A piano solo to ease the tension. Making the audience want more! Leaving you in a state of pure satisfaction. And closing this tale for now. We’re very excited to hear where he goes next. So make sure to go support by streaming ‘CHOSEN.’ everywhere via Destinuna!