PREMIERE: Lenny Unearths Regal Banger ‘Pharaoh’

Munich-based producer Lenny continues to be one of the underground’s most underrated gems. The artist has been unleashing nothing but bangers including collabs with golden child x MCTR, and capshun x TaDa x Arthus. Today he returns with his first solo release in recent time, the fittingly titled ‘Pharoah.’ Pulling inspiration from ancient Egypt, the track packs a regal yet haunting energy. Eastern instrumentation creates an icy but epic feel while layered chants add a layer of depth and mystic appeal. Ancient meets futuristic for a sound that feels like a Pharoah’s return to power centuries after their death. Lenny proves once again to be a force in the electronic trap space. Look out for what’s next…

I wanted to produce a track that takes you back to 2017/2018 when a lot of my favorite music on SoundCloud was released. I love exotic vibes and wanted to produce a complete package consisting of these vibes, heavy bass but not lacking in bounce, and an overall mystic but very hype atmosphere. I spent a lot of time on this track and decided to make it my first solo release in several years. If you listen closely you can hear my love for a precise selection and design of chants. After all, this track has a very personal touch to me since it consists of everything that has influenced me as a musician in this genre so far. Enjoy!

Listen to ‘Pharoah’ and stream it everywhere via Lowly.