ELEX Reflects On Life’s Events With ‘7th Week In Vancouver’

ELEX has been putting in a lot of work within his production and vision. His highly skilled abilities have allowed him to not only bless the electronic trap scene but other spectrums as well. From dabbling in future garage, house music to even some future bass, the odds are endless and the surprises are even better once you dive into his art. And with this newest single, ‘7th Week In Vancouver,’ he’s gifting his audience yet again with exclusive tones and techniques from beginning to end!

This specific tune holds a dear place in his art due to his own reflection on his life and overall career. Thinking about the past while planning for the future. From an exciting write-up from DJ Mag, to playing his first set in Vancouver, his journey is only expanding to new heights. Not to mention he’s been dropping major heat in the last month. His adventure continues to get even more exciting and broader with style.

‘7th Week In Vancouver’ highlights his great power within the electronic trap spectrum. A classic feel while bringing it into today’s timeline. Hard-hitting drums, a violent lead in the back accompanied by a spacious environment makes this one of the hardest tunes this month. Not to mention that angelic future bass fill you’ll fall in love with. The arrangement as a whole really takes you back to when the genre was starting to pop. Leaving an absolute smile on your face and becoming inspired over and over again with each listen. We’re definitely excited to hear where he goes on from here. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘7th Week In Vancouver!’

ELEX · ELEX – 7th Week In Vancouver (exclusive)