Good Society Elevate Lost Spirits With ‘Good Society Vol. 3’

For years, Good Society‘s power has touched many’s hearts throughout the underground. From a beautiful roster of artists to its own purpose and vision, it’s a label you’ll always find yourself coming back to. Waiting with pure excitement to hear what’s next or who they’re lending the spotlight to. Their whimsical releases from absolute legends as well as their gorgeous artworks have shaped their name into a remarkable staple for music. And with Good Society Vol. 3, they’re pushing the future beat genre even further than ever. Making you fall in love with the genre as well as the artists featured all over again. Taking you back to the roots while showcasing the future.

Bringing organic soul and grooves to the scene, these compilations have pushed sonic boundaries while tendering to the broken and lost. Creating a space you’ll always feel welcome in. The calm and peaceful compositions within will only fill your aura with purpose and happiness. And what a stacked lineup they got this year! Heavy hitters such as laxcity, DECAP, oshi, capshun, Chromonicci, whereisalex, and more have all molded individual stories through sound. Showcasing their strongest techniques while honoring the label with pure style.

 “I curated this project to affirm the belonging of hip-hop & electronic music in a single space. Otherwise known as future beats, this project brings together soulful and jazzy boom bap production riddled with soulful rap vocals and electronic sound design. The subgenre was greatly inspired and developed by the likes of Flying Lotus, Mr. Carmack, and quite a few of the artists featured on this project including Oshi, Lophiile, DECAP, whereisalex, & ROMderful. It was no easy undertaking bringing together these staples of the producer world, but over the past year, I’ve been lucky enough to have everyone place their faith in me. After over two years since the last issue, Good Society Volume 3 is our version of the ultimate genre fluid hip-hop album.” – Josh Yamini

Good Society Vol. 3 is an absolute pleasure to experience from beginning to end. The twelve track journey is filled with ear candy and inspiring characteristics. From moments of absolute clarity, to unreal techniques from the artists themselves, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. The drums, melodies and overall arrangements shines on a whole new level. Making you feel completely relaxed and content with your mindset. From laxcity’s bubbly sound design and rhythms, to oshi’s elegant vocals complimenting his hard hitting production, these artists truly went all out and created life long art to last throughout the ages. Representing history as well as giving their audience a taste for what’s to come on the horizon. Bringing warm light among the darkness. So make sure to show your support by streaming Good Society Vol. 3 everywhere via Good Society!

Good Society · Good Society Volume 3