PREMIERE: jordnmoody's 'NOMADS' Is A Gripping Sonic Exploration – FUXWITHIT

It’s no secret that jordnmoody is a favourite here at FUXWITHIT. With a stellar guest mix and multiple premieres, we’ve been long-term fans and supporters of his journey. With a sound that mixes a hip-hop soul with experimental tendencies and a deep knack for sound design, his music is hard not to love. 2021 has seen jordnmoody level up and ascend to new heights, he started off the year with an absolutely massive collaboration alongside Wreckno and Ujuu with ‘FTSU.’ The track served as his first release with the renowned experimental bass label Wakaan. Closing the year in fitting fashion, jordnmoody will be making his solo debut on the label with his six-track Inhibitions EP tomorrow. Ahead of the full release, we have the distinct honour of debuting the opening track ‘NOMADS.’

This song was birthed from simply wanting to craft a tune that started melodic and atmospheric but then morphs into something more aggressive. It was the first song I wrote off the EP, and served as the perfect intro track due to the nature of the tune. Ultimately, what this song means to me is kinda circling back on not knowing where I fit in within the music scene. I’m kinda all over the place with output which I’ve pretty much come to terms with. I’m sure other multi-genre artists can relate, it’s a bit tougher finding your ground when you don’t fit comfortably into one genre.
– jordnmoody

A masterful depiction of the producer’s skills, ‘NOMADS’ is a gripping sonic exploration. The melody is menacing, creating a dark almost dystopian scene. The drops contrast between robotic and organic. The sound design feels metallic, electric, and futuristic while the bounce delivers an unforgettable human touch. ‘NOMAD’s feels like surfing through a city built of glass and steel. It’s gloomy and mean, yet there’s a sense of distinct freedom. This is just a slice of the auditory world jordnmoody has crafted and is assured to leave you hungry for more.

Wakaan · jordnmoody – NOMADS [FUXWITHIT Premiere]