PREMIERE: JoeB Proves He's The Future With 'Rock A Party' – FUXWITHIT

If JoeB is not on your radar yet, he should be. Despite only posting his first track to SoundCloud just over a year ago, his name has started to pop up on various notable imprints throughout the bass scene in recent months, from a remix of Oddprophet’s ‘Migraine’ and a tune on Black Label XL 7 via Never Say Die: Black Label, to contributions on Odio Records’ Issue 5 and Bassweight Records: Syndicate, Vol. 4. With that being said, JoeB is showing signs of an earthquake that will soon bring about a tsunami of unparalleled music, and his debut single on Black Label out today titled ‘Rock A Party’ is direct proof.

‘Rock A Party’ is one of the most exciting dubstep tracks this year, and we couldn’t be more stoked to premiere it today. In the words of Oolacile, “THIS is how you do heavy dubstep in 2020.” The song itself is menacing, quick to the punch and relentless in its pursuit to kill, but offers a livelihood rarely found in Never Say Die: Black Label releases. The sound design is core-shattering, the energy is constant and the attention to detail is wildly meticulous. In all honesty, ‘Rock A Party’ could certainly become a mainstage secret weapon for all major players in the dubstep scene if shows return soon.

According to JoeB, “this track was a lot of fun to make, it was one of the few tracks I’ve worked on so far that wasn’t really frustrating to make at any point and never felt difficult. I guess I just went ‘with the flow’ and it went exactly where I wanted it to go. I’m also really happy to have it finally released as it’s different to any of my previous (more aggressive sounding) songs and has a fun, exciting attitude.” Don’t miss ‘Rock A Party’ below, and don’t sleep on JoeB.