PREMIERE: JEANIE Joins Space Yacht With Her Show-Stopping Single 'Psychosis'

When we take a look at the bass music scene as a whole, a name that everyone should get used to is New-York Native Jeanie. With her non-conforming style and aggressive takes on dubstep, Jeanie has succeeded in carving her own unique sound within the scene. Coming with world-class sound design, creative sample selection, and song-writing that is seemingly leveling up with each consecutive release, JEANIE is without a doubt a name to stay. Through all the challenges that 2020 threw at the world, the woman in question seemed to tackle them with ease as she blessed us with her aggressive single ’Speed’ and even garnered a Subsida release with ‘Doomsday’. She even managed to stop by our site and drop off a guest mix.

Beyond releasing incredible music, JEANIE has taken her impact a step further with the creation of her collective built for women in electronic music, GRL GANG. If you’re not already familiar with the names on the roster, get familiar. GRL GANG has become the home for some of the most exciting rising talents in bass music, period. With a collection of guest mixes and two complications under her belt, it’s more clear than ever that GRL GANG is forced to be reckoned with and is here to stay. With all this being said, it feels like the perfect time for the young legend to join one of electronic music’s newest flagship labels, Space Yacht, with her new single ‘Psychosis’. 

Right out the gate, we’re met by the sinister and aggressive atmosphere created in the intro before being introduced to this hypnotic distorted guitar rift. This rift caries the record forward, as more and more percussive elements are added until we’re finally thrown into the belly of the beast. That is, of course, a barrage of heavily distorted leads that are presented to us in a machine-gun-like way.  Thankfully, we got the chance to sit down with JEANIE to pick her brain on this masterpiece of a track and see what the future holds! Listen and read our mini-interview below.

First off, Happy Women’s History Month! Thank you so much for stopping by and allowing us to host this awesome moment. Give us a little insight into the evolution of the ‘PSYCHOSIS.’

What the song means to me: I made ‘Psychosis’ one night after having writer’s block for a while and it’s definitely the result of a lot of pent-up aggression. I’d say it’s just the beginning of an even heavier era for me

Your career trajectory has been nothing but up for the past years, with many flagship label releases and the creation of a truly impactful collective, GRL GANG.  Do you have a vision of where you’d like to see your music go in the future? What about the GRL GANG collective as a whole? 

I definitely plan to explore my sound more and work with new artists as well as continue to focus on solo releases. My main goal is just to keep progressing and hope to see GRL GANG continue to do the same.

There’s still a long way to go for the dance music industry in terms of inclusion, equality, and equity. What do you hope the scene will be in the future for women who want to break into the industry?

I agree, but I do think we’re going in the right direction. I hope to see more and more festival lineups, labels and the rest of the industry, in general, be more diverse moving forward, which will absolutely inspire more women to be a part of the industry. We need them!