PREMIERE: Helios Looks To 'Exterminate' The Competition With Latest Release – FUXWITHIT

Australia’s intense craving for maniacally heavy bass music knows no bounds as of late, a yearning for body-eviscerating undulations at the forefront of music fans’ minds. Dustin Barnett, also known as Helios, aims to answer that call with otherworldly passion for dominating the airwaves with his bombastic take on productions that place a major emphasis on being as gnarly as possible. With very few releases under his belt, the world has been waiting for him to open up the proverbial can of worms to truly showcase a body of work that perfectly exemplifies his persona as an artist. Now, he’s graced the world with his debut Hellfire EP, out on the ever-hefty Hybrid Trap, that perfectly demonstrates just what he’s capable of, and we’ve had the pleasure of premiering ‘Exterminate’ right here on FUXWITHIT.

Ever had the maddening urge to start a no-holds-barred bare-knuckle bar brawl? No? Well you very well might after rinsing ‘Exterminate’ for the first time. From the doomsday alarms in the introduction, to the build that sounds like a roller-coaster ticking up the tracks, your heart-rate will be skyrocketing at unprecedented levels, devious intentions behind your very being. If you were wondering what the music equivalent of a galactic doomsday laser weapon was, look no further chief. A true ender of worlds, this massive heater will leave nothing but a trail of bodies in its wake. If there’s anything to be gleamed from ‘Exterminate’ and the entirety of the Hellfire EP, it’s that Helios is firmly cementing his place in peoples’ minds as someone to surely keep on their radar. Check out ‘Exterminate’ for yourself below!