PREMIERE: Heimanu Elevates His Sound To New Heights In ‘Slumber’

As followers and supporters of Heimanu since 2018, we are confident in saying that few have carved such a unique path through electronic music than the Sydney-based artist. Self-categorizing his works under the NuRave umbrella, Heimanu has crafted a sound that blurs the lines between wave, trap and future bass, carrying the best elements of each genre and meshing them into euphoric works.

Over the last year, Heimanu’s growth in the scene has only continued in the upward direction, releasing on labels such as NIGHTMODE, Proximity and SABLE VALLEY and collaborating with the likes of KRANE, Juelz and Hex Cougar. These are no small feats, as the ensemble of names are among the pioneers of future bass and trap, and Heimanu joining forces with them displays his true talent.

Despite this growth, the most impressive aspect of Heimanu’s rise is his ability to stay true to himself. Whether in collaborations or individual works, the artist makes his sound heard. Such is the case in his newest track ‘Slumber’ which we have the extreme pleasure of premiering today. Released via Bassrush‘s The Prophecy: Volume 6 compilation, ‘Slumber’ is everything one expects from Heimanu, and more. As my colleague Alessio said last year, the beauty of Heimanu is that his vision is clear. “A vision in which he believes with all of himself and which he has decided to devote himself completely to. He’s slowly exploring it, deciphering it, and giving back to us the various interpretations that come out of this personal journey.” With this clarity comes certainty of a certain level of the emphatic Heimanu sound that he has championed. In ‘Slumber,’ there’s no shortage of this sound, and the artist elevates it with a tension-filled introduction, controlled chaos layered seemlessly throughout the drops, and sheer festival-primed energy.

‘Slumber’ is Heimanu at his finest. Don’t miss it below and catch The Prophecy: Volume 6 in full tomorrow.