Guest Mix + Interview – Luminox

Few artists are truly deserving of the title of OG in the electronic trap scene. I’m talking about pioneers who helps shaped the genre a decade ago. Luminox is one of those select few. The producer began making major waves in 2012 with tracks like ‘Coffin,’ ‘I Run This,’ and later ‘Bomba’ all being trap staples. But as fast as he blew up he seemed to disappear. From mid-2015 onward Luminox went quiet. It took over 6 years before the producer released new music and resurfaced in late 2021. Since last year’s return he’s been steadily dropping tracks and is more active on social media. He had a standout banger on Boost Tape 03 a few months ago and is finally back for good.

Given his OG status and the air of mystery around his time away we felt it would be a great time to connect with the producer to learn more about his time off, the return, what lies ahead, and much more. In addition to the interview Luminox has blessed us with a stacked guest mix featuring nearly 50 tracks from himself and his favourite artists (including some fire IDs). If you’re a trap fan this is a can’t miss. Dive in below.

What can listeners expect from the mix?

I tried to keep in mind most people will be sitting or driving while they listen. It’s not just drop after drop. I let most of the tracks breathe & even let a few drop twice. That being said, this mix fux. Expect unreleased music from myself and a few of my favorite beat makers, alongside friends & a couple upcoming artists I think are sick. A couple throwbacks in here too.

This one’s for all the trap heads.

You took a pretty substantial amount of time off. What prompted the break?

Long story… In 2016, I stepped away from putting out tracks because I wanted to work on music theory & come back as both a better producer & DJ. I wasn’t happy with my skill level. It was supposed to be like 6 months tops.

2017 – New Years’ morning, I was driving on the freeway & it happened to be storming. A car next to me was speeding & hydroplaned. They spun out & crashed into the wall. My car was grazed during that. I stopped to check on them, but I also needed to see what my car looked like. I pulled over on the right side & as I’m halfway out of the car – another vehicle smashed into my back bumper. I got thrown down the road & had a traumatic brain injury.

It wasn’t life threatening, but things were different after that. I started to realize I had lost parts of my memory. Nothing integral like my childhood or identity, but random stuff. Music, movies, events, things I had done as an artist. Friendships, relationships etc. I couldn’t recall words well. It affected my confidence and mood about life in general. I was not in the right mindset to be any type of public figure. I felt unsure about everything. I had no passion or drive. It was as if my personality had been knocked out of me. With all that, I had a serious case of “imposter syndrome.” Looking back at what I accomplished so young & wondering how it happened. Could I really go back on stage & perform in front of thousands of people? WTF. How the hell did I do that for a living? Would people even like my music anymore??

It sounds crazy to me now, but these are some of the questions I was asking myself the first few years. It was dark times. But I’m happy to say I’m doing really well now.

I didn’t let people know because I don’t like that type of attention (pity etc.). But part of me does regret it cause I feel like I left my listeners/supporters hanging..

But – I’m back for good, I feel better than I did before and its time for trap season. lfg.

Music really is life. There’s something for every situation. It’s the most powerful medium of art and self-expression to me.

What brought you back?

Confidence. In my creations, in who I am and what I’m here to do. I learned a lot about myself the past 5 years. Music really is life. There’s something for every situation. It’s the most powerful medium of art and self-expression to me – it continues to shape culture and I believe I was made for this. I love it so much. There was no way I couldn’t or wouldn’t come back. It was a matter of preparation.

What’s been the hardest thing about the return?

Not having access to my old social media accounts is crazy tough. I deactivated twitter temporarily & kinda forgot about it. You have 30 days to reactivate & I was a day late – smfh haha. I can’t get into Facebook because I don’t have the phone number I used to for it.

I have no reach, so I’m basically starting from scratch again. 90% of people who fux w me, have no idea I’m back.

I appreciate you guys giving me your platform. It means a lot.

What has the reaction been like from fans?

My listeners have shown a lot of love and excitement, I get messages and emails. There’s a lot of artists who’ve given me a warm welcome back too – big love to everybody who’s reached out.

What are you doing when you’re not working on music?

I’m just a regular guy, so ya know. I enjoy sports (UFC, NFL, NBA.) I was a wrestler/football player middle school through high school & it honestly still hypes me up… lol.

Other notable pastimes… brews w/ the boys + bumping music, my puffco Peak haha, gaming. Talking about life…
On the other hand, I’m into studying history and archaeological mysteries. I think that stuff is really dope. It used to bore me to death when I was in history class, but as an adult it smacks for some reason. It gives me that wonderous feeling. Then again, good herb will do that to you. Strange YouTube rabbit holes for days!

Music is circular & the classic stuff always comes back. As far as it being on main stages, that’s up to promoters & lineup curators. Good trap music will always go off live.

Your music still packs that classic OG trap sound. Do you think a classic trap resurgence is on the horizon?

My beats will always be trapped out. I’m truly addicted sinister melodies over some 808’s & hi-hat rolls. Music is circular & the classic stuff always comes back. As far as it being on main stages, that’s up to promoters & lineup curators. Good trap music will always go off live. Put me to the test!

What have you been bumping on repeat recently? Why?

I’m going through a nostalgic phase right now. I have young parents. My dad listened to a lot of dope stuff while I was growing up. All the Memphis rap from the 90’s. No Limit Records. Rap-a-lot. Screw. Southern rap is dear to me, so the Memphis sound that’s been popping for the last 4-5 years is in my daily rotation. Some people call it Phonk. Dad also got me into electro-breaks as a kid. Latin freestyle & Miami bass too. That classic 808 sound has always been hype. It’s definitely coming back in full force. I already see it happening.

I’ve also been on a deep 140 kick the past few years. A lil bit of Reggae Dub too (mostly the goat – Scientist).

I know you were looking at lining up a tour earlier this Summer. How’s that planning coming along?

I’m still looking to fill a few dates & get travel routed conveniently before we start announcing. Flights $uck, so thats been a squeeze on bookings. But I have some shows locked & I cannot wait to make these clubs bounce.

What are your top 3 video games of all time? What do you love about each?

Streets of Rage 2 – The music, the design, the sounds.. So 90’s. This game is my childhood & you can definitely find sound fx from it in my beats.

Metal Gear Solid – I love the whole ambience of this game. Sneaky. Cool sound design.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 – I’m crazy about 2D fighting games in general & this is the peak.

*honorable mentions* Ninja Gaiden, Dune 2000, Final Fantasy VII, Hitman

What are your goals for the near future?

I’m working with rappers next. So the goal is to work with my favorites. I’ll always be a trap style producer/DJ. But my roots are in hip-hop, thats where I came from sonically. I was selling trap beats for the low online when I was in high school. & stopped that once my Luminox project popped off in 2012. But I wanna do it for real now. On a way bigger scale.

I have around 30 unreleased tracks that are being cleaned up for submission/self-release in the next year. I’ve been putting in work & I’m hyped to share it with everybody.

What do you have in the works musically?

Every day I’m writing new music. I’m overloaded with different Ideas & styles. So much that I have 3 aliases in other genres. Electro, Deep 140, Memphis/phonk.

I have around 30 unreleased tracks that are being cleaned up for submission/self-release in the next year. I’ve been putting in work & I’m hyped to share it with everybody.

I wrote a lot of music the years I was gone, some of which is just now being heard and well received. ‘TRAPNOLOGY’ is one of those projects. I wrote that music 4 years ago.

I also have some wild collabs, I’m gonna keep that on the low until they’re actually complete though. This machine is up & running.

Much love to everybody reading this. Come out & see me when I’m in your city!
God bless

Luminox // David


1. Lorn – Inertia
2. Luminox – illegal intro
3. Luminox – Who Want It
4. SLIGHT & Loud Lord – Diesel
5. Luminox – jungle freak
6. Deathrow – Get Crafty (Luminox edit)
7. JAWNS – Sleepers
8. SNXXZ3 – Take Me Home
9. ID – ID
10. Necroez – Outerspace
11. Nick Neutronz – ID
12. Luminox – Cheating Death
13. Luminox – Hardbody Karate
+ Pouya & Ghostmane – 1000 Rounds (acapella)
15. Crime Mob – Knuck If You Buck [Falldren Flipped]
16. Luminox – Warfare (Riders)
17. BIG MAKK – Top Beat (Luminox Flip)
18. Jestic x Bismyth – Criminals
19. M!NGO – booo
20. Jon Casey – ID
21. Saint Miller – Double Target (Luminox quickflip)
22. ISOxo – REDloop (Luminox quickflip)
23. ANTI. – ID
24. Luminox – Blood Sugar
25. Jon Casey – ID
26. Luminox – Wurk
27. Papasito – Gasolina (Deliriousninja Flip)
28. RL Grime & Juelz – Formula [NEOTEK & Latu Flip)
29. Camoufly – Space Gaucho
30. ANTI. – ID
32. Luminox – the Pull Up
33. Luminox – Still Ratchet (ft. Juicy J)
34. EVA808 – Pink Uzi Gang
35. Pleasure – Voodoo
36. Jon Casey x Mr. Carmack – ID
38. Jon Casey – ID
39. SLIGHT & BACKWHEN – Tanto Blade
41. Luminox – Midnight Mob
42. Luminox – Magic Flute
43. DJC – Sands Tool
44. M!NGO – Self Reflect
45. SOUDIERE & Berrymane – Hit Ya Spot
46. SLIGHT – Rose Gold
47. SLIGHT – I Have ADD (ft. Blvnts)
48. Deadcrow – gamma centauri
49. Night By Night (Skream Remix)