IMANU, What So Not & Wingtip Join Forces In Soothing ‘Pillow Talk’

The unveiling of IMANU‘s debut album is in full swing. Announced with the release of the incredible third single ‘Temper‘ which followed ‘It’s Our Destiny‘ and ‘Somehow We Lost It All,’ UNFOLD marks a new chapter in the artist’s musical journey. Despite coming onto the scene as a drum and bass artist and retaining that sound in some of his more recent works, IMANU has grown into a multi-talented producer, and he is finally getting the recognition he deserves across the electronic music scene. From obtaining his US Visa to making his way across the States and Europe this summer, IMANU is slowly taking the world by force, and he’s doing so with a sound that, along with his harder works, blurs the lines between future bass, house, and pop.

The latest contribution to UNFOLD comes via Deadbeats in the form of a surprise collaboration with What So Not and vocalist Wingtip. It’s a surprise in two ways, both because there were no hints of such a massive collaboration in the works, and because of the final product. There is no question that both producers are able to create festival-ready bangers, but ‘Pillow Talk’ is not that. Instead, the artists have decided to concoct a mellow, vocal-driven ballad that beautifully highlights Wingtip’s voice while creating a crisp soundscape to complement. ‘Pillow Talk’ has the distinct IMANU house sound that he has perfected over the last couple of years, with What So Not and Wingtip lending a welcome hand in their respective ways. The track shows yet another facet of the creatives that were involved, and continue to set the stage for what is shaping to be one of the most impressive album releases of 2022. Don’t miss ‘Pillow Talk’ below.