PREMIERE: ell!psis, blake skowron And Dabow Rule Over All With 'Fargo' – FUXWITHIT

It’s no surprise how ell!psis has been blessing the underground with fun and intricate pieces of art. Each containing special characteristics and auras while still honoring his signature taste. Collaborating with forward thinking musicians such as Mohawk Johnson, TYGKO and more has helped bring brand new knowledge to his work flow to evolve even further. It’s clear he ain’t stopping anytime soon from pursuing his incredible and inspiring dreams within the industry. And to help push his vision into a greater light, it’s our pleasure to premiere his latest new single, ‘Fargo’ off his upcoming EP, Archon.

But he’s not alone on this one. Joining him on this wild and heavy-hitting ride are nonother than blake skowron and Dabow! What a line up! Two very distinct artists proven to be some of the most forward-thinking in the spectrum. And once you put these icons together, you should only expect greatness and a memorable journey.

‘Fargo’ is a trippy ride of pure wonkiness. It completely highlights each artists strongest qualities and overall skill. From liquid percussion leads, monumental drums, and some bizarre glitchy fills, there’s a grand abundance of colorful qualities to leave anyone speechless. Every section flows together perfectly and creates a sense of empowerment and inspiration. A particular part in this piece will completely leave the listener in a far-out daze. As if you were flying through space with stars dancing around you in harmony. You just gotta experience it for yourself to believe it. Bravo to these three icons for creating such a dreamy and filthy track. Honoring ell!psis and his vision to the highest degree. So make sure to go support them by streaming ‘Fargo’ everywhere!

Logistically, this track was a crazy challenge to bring together. It started with an idea I began at 150 BPM. I then went to Blake’s to work on it, and he slowed it down to 30 BPM. That created a lot of the really cool artifacts and fills in it, so he then rearranged it and sent it back and forth with Dabow for awhile. Eventually, when Blake sent it back to me, it was 150 channels, and my CPU was crying every time I’d open it. I also had to get it ready to send to Dabow, which meant stemming it one channel at a time for him to work on in FL (Blake and I are in Ableton). I spent several sessions consolidating it down to 30 stems and getting those together, and we were able to finish it pretty soon after that (thankfully haha).

ell!psis · fargo, w/ blake skowron & Dabow [FUXWITHIT PREMIERE]