ALEXEMELYA And Kazantzakis Whisk Through Trees Of Fire With 'Like Me' – FUXWITHIT

Running through a thick and lush forest of groove, ALEXEMELYA and Kazantzakis have teamed up once again for another hot banger! Making their debut on record label, Swisted Selections, they present their newest collaboration, ‘Like Me.’ A unique and familiar track with classic trap drums, sound design, and more! Perfect for those deep, underground depths of rhythmic pleasure. Pure ear candy. We highly suggest checking out their discographies because they both have nothing but everlasting art. Witnessing why these two are true icons in the making!

ALEXEMELYA with his diverse background in frequencies, has pushed his vision into many different territories. From well-crafted house, to nasty trap music, this man has no boundaries within the spectrum. Pushing a brand new sound and environment within every track released. And teaming up with labels such as LAB Recordings, Dangerous Boom Records and more has only inspired the icon to keep on pushing for himself and his listeners!

As for Kazantzakis, this highly skilled beat legend continues to impress and amaze his audience with stellar content. Nasty 808’s, engulfing atmospheres, and of course hard-hitting drums, the legend has stopped at nothing from fulfilling his lifelong dreams as a producer. He’s even left his mind-bending mark on labels such as High Peaks Collective, Dumb Collective and more! And once you put these two powerhouses together, you’ll end up with a deadly bomb of a tune.

‘Like Me’ is a gnarly and innovative journey through the underground. Highlighting what makes trap music so appealing and addictive! While bringing brand new characteristics to the table. From a tribalistic space to weapons of mass destruction in the form of hard-hitting melodies and drums, these two completely went off on this one. And adding that wavy grime vocal adds a whole new vibe to the overall arrangement. Making everything flow together in a soothing and aggressive way.

Both styles intertwine in an organic and suave fashion. And once the chorus hits you, it blasts the listener off into the outer realm of our galaxy. As if you were riding a tiger through a dangerous jungle of heat. It’s easy to say these two make the perfect team no matter the genre or overall vibe. Proving how adaptable their skills can be. We’re excited to hear where these two go next! But for now, make sure to stream ‘Like Me’ everywhere via Swisted Selections!

Swisted Selections · ALEXEMELYA & Kazantzakis – Like Me