Protial Unleashes Bass-Riddled Madness In 'Tell You' – FUXWITHIT

There’s something mysteriously captivating about Protial. Despite remaining in anonymity, his release calendar is almost procedural, with singles coming every one to two months. When it’s been a few weeks, one can almost guarantee a new Protial track is right around the corner, and one can certainly guarantee that each and every release is sure to hit just as hard as the last. That’s what makes him so special; boasting a style that is uniquely his own, fans can immediately recognize the signature Protial sound, yet the artist somehow manages to stray from repetition while simultaneously embracing it.

We learned a few things about the Columbus-based artist when he did his first ever guest mix and interview for us last year, and to the pleasure of many, Protial just made his live debut in Denver last month. We’re hoping there’s more of that coming soon, as the producer has been a secret weapon in bass sets for years.

Like clockwork, Protial released a new tune last week titled ‘Tell You,’ and while all of his tunes are wicked in their own way, we feel this one is among his best. ‘Tell You’ is quintessential Protial with its looping vocals and heavy dosage of distorted bass, but there’s an added layers and fills that up the hypnotizing appeal of the piece. Protial is so underrated, it’s time for everyone to stop sleeping. Don’t miss ‘Tell You’ below.