PREMIERE: Cromatik Creates Electric Bass Brute In 'Spectral Vision' – FUXWITHIT

Despite being a recurring force on some of the biggest labels in the bass realm such as Never Say Die: Black Label, the home of his last two EPs, as well as Disciple Round Table, Bassrush, and more, it seems as though Cromatik often flies under the radar when people think of big names in the underground scene. Nonetheless, the talented producer always delivers ground-shattering material, letting his music speak for itself and disregarding the often-cacophonous nature of social media.

Later this week, Cromatik is slated to unleash his third project on Never Say Die: Black Label titled the Divide By Zero EP, and this ensemble is no exception to the above statement. Altogether, the EP furthers the robotic, maniacal nature of Cromatik’s sound and pushes it to new heights. And, ahead of its full release, we are ecstatic to premiere ‘Spectral Vision’ here today – a personal favourite from the well-rounded project.

The introduction of ‘Spectral Vision’ sets the stage for the fury that follows, as a futuristic soundscape is painted through mystifying effects and a gradual build in tension. The real highlights of this track are its drops though, as a perfect balance of grungy, mechanical basses and a top layer of electric synths create a harmonious combination of headbang-inducing bars. The flow is crisp from start to finish, the sound design will give you goosebumps, and the oddly melodic overtones display Cromatik’s true skills. What more could one need? Dive into ‘Spectral Vision’ below!