PREMIERE: Akeos & Nvctve Reunite In Menacing ‘Desolate’

Way back in 2019, we premiered an Akeos and Nvctve collaboration called ‘Aperture‘ that showcased their respective undeniable talents in creating sinister bass music. Since then, the pair of producers have individually continued to carve their path through the sometimes-rough terrain that is the bass music scene, remaining powerful forces through their technical abilities, genre diversification and steady influx of releases.

With Akeos set to unleash her Flesh Garden EP via Never Say Die tomorrow, we were ecstatic to see a new collaboration with Nvctve included in the mix, as the track first featured in the Akeos 2022 Showcase was among the standouts of the bunch. Each track from the Flesh Garden EP is unique in its own right, ranging from dubstep, to drum and bass, to bassline, but in ‘Desolate’ alongside Nvctve, the pair have opted to concoct a brutal halftime cut, and we are stoked to premiere it today.

Simply put, ‘Desolate’ is a cohesive mixture of both artists’ styles. A faint, blaring alarm opens the track in angst, before those signature, crunchy Nvctve stabs quickly take center stage. Wasting no time getting to the meat of things, the producers use a minimal backdrop to let the lead sounds shine in the drop section, as Akeos then adds her touch of flair to the piece with chaotic synths. As the second half of ‘Desolate’ rolls around, Akeos and Nvctve further push the insanity of the track with contorted basses and electrifying energy.

Don’t miss ‘Desolate’ below and be sure to check out the rest of Flesh Garden tomorrow.