PREMIERE: Harka Creates Rhythmic Club Heater In ‘Work Ya Body’

Unchained Recordings is on a mission to push bass music throughout Asia and the world. Despite being based in Hong Kong where the scene is nowhere near what it is in North America, the people behind the label constantly bring in global talents for their releases. Now, for the third year in a row, Unchained is set to release a compilation celebrating the Lunar New Year, this time recruiting twelve incredible talents for the Year of the Tiger collection.

The album represents the rowdier end of the Unchained repertoire, featuring off-kilter drum and bass, footwork-grooved club tunes, swaggering halftime, grime and a bit of dark jungle techno. Having heard the full set of tunes, we can confidently say you’re bound to find a track you love in there, and you might even enjoy them all. Ahead of tomorrow’s full release, we have the extreme pleasure of premiering Harka‘s contribution to the Year of the Tiger today.

Harka’s catalogue runs deep with tracks that embody the essence of British electronic music, with footwork, jungle and deep dubstep all being represented. In ‘Work Ya Body,’ the North Yorkshire-based artist utilizes some of that fast-paced influence to create a lively introduction that grows in energy as familiar vocals (is that Ciara?) are looped into the mix. ‘Work Ya Body’ builds seamlessly to a crescendo of bass stabs, echoing vocals and quirky fills, attesting to Harka’s undeniable talents. The real highlight of the piece, though, is the incredible transition to a more club-like section where the percussion plays a major role in changing the vibe without ever cutting the flow of the track. The track is among the most original club tunes we’ve heard in a while, and we highly recommend you dive in on repeat below.