Pauline Herr Emanates Pure Peace Through The Voice With 'Obsession' – FUXWITHIT

Hypnotizing hearts and souls with her power, Pauline Herr shares her newest piece, ‘Obsession.’ Making this her second time appearing on the well-known label, NIGHTMODE. Creating a brand new space for all to fall into with gratitude and praise. Giving off peaceful and intoxicating tones with her vocal range and production style. Turning her into an untouchable weapon of rebirth through sound.

For years now, Pauline has shaken the world of many listeners and peers within the industry. Collaborating with a variety of musicians while still putting her core focus on her own projects. From heartwarming melodies, powerful drums, and of course her priceless voice, she’s truly created a memorable name that will last throughout the ages. Her last EP, Contradictions really took her skills and passion to the next level. Showcasing who she truly is as an artist and human being. Leaving her listeners with tears of joy. Helping to grow her garden of memories. And now, she’s taking things even further with this new single!

‘Obsession’ takes the listener down a rabbit hole of colorful dreams and desires. Making you completely immersed from the first to the last second. What’s so exciting about this piece is the fact we’re witnessing a different side to the Pauline Herr project. Sensing she definitely took herself out of her comfort zone in the best ways possible. From the futuristic body of synths, the fast-paced drums and more, you’ll simply be inspired by the true teamwork of her soul and creativity throughout. Bringing something totally new and fresh to her vision. And using her pitched-down vocal in the chorus really tugs at the heartstrings.

Every section flows together so well in a spiritual sense. Making you hit the replay button faster than ever. Trying to capture every characteristic thrown in. This is by far some of her best work yet. We’re excited to see where she goes on from here! But for now, make sure to go support her priceless work by streaming ‘Obsession’ everywhere via NIGHTMODE!

NIGHTMODE · Pauline Herr – Obsession