Party Favor And Marc E. Bassy Drop ‘I See You’

This current era of Party Favor is one based on experimentation and discovery. After years of dealing with a grueling tour schedule, the global pandemic allowed him to self-reflect and reset his creativity. Offering a medley of styles from his well-received dance/alt-pop single, ‘Superhuman’ ft K Flay, to his laidback single ‘Anxious‘ ft MSAN.


In what’s ramping up to be his biggest year yet as he approaches the release of his forthcoming LP, releasing his 7th single since May 2021 with the sultry and unnerving single ‘I See You’ featuring Marc. E Bassy. “Morning never comes in a dungeon/Ain’t no need to open your eyes.”


With Party Favor on the production, it starts off tense, constrained in a never-ending loop of the chords. It entices the listener to wander into the dungeon through Marc’s perspective. Slowly the bass creeps underneath, helping Marc gain his bearings, as he exclaims “I See you” as the production brightens. Together they teeter back and forth between warmness and cynicism.


This latest journey only further depicts the creative spark that flowed through Party Favor during the pandemic. So many emotions and ideas came upon during that time of isolation only gave him more time to reflect. With touring opening around the country, the people will finally get to hear the latest version of Party Favor behind complete sets. The evolution will soon be in their hands. Until then, check out his previous singles here and let us know what you think.