OSO and Other Echoes Showcase The Beauty Of Garage In ‘Inertia’

In an era when labels often pump out too many releases to follow or compromise the foundation on which their platform was built, it is important, as a music fan, to keep supporting the platforms that remain true to themselves. That being said, few can say that their sound, their aesthetic, and their quality have remained as consistent as Inspected over the last 10+ years. Now, this isn’t pigeonholing Inspected music into a single genre, or Inspected clothing and accessories into a single style. It’s quite the opposite – the creatives behind the platform have explored more artistic avenues than most, and every time they have executed at an elite level. And what can we say, new music on Inspected always gets us excited.

Following the release of Echo Map and Azaleh’s ‘Feather,’ and continuing upon the theme of showcasing emerging talent, the imprint returns today with the release of a dual single titled ‘Inertia’ from OSO and Other Echoes. While OSO’s earliest track on Spotify dates back to late 2020, Other Echoes’ newest piece (prior to today) dates back to 2013. Quite a dichotomy, and to be honest we hadn’t heard of both of these artists before this release, but ‘Inertia’ is a must-listen. The track opens with an ethereal soundscape that gradually builds in energy as layers of percussion and synths slowly sneak their way into the introduction. At the seventy-second mark, the tone slightly changes as the producers flip the track into a groovy bass-riddled garage beat that isn’t overly energetic, but lively enough to get people moving. Spanning more than five minutes, ‘Inertia’ balances introspective textures and crisp sound design to create a silky smooth hit.

‘First Light’ accompanies the title track, with OSO showcasing what he can do as an individual artist. Beautifully complementing ‘Inertia,’ the second piece is just as mesmerizing as the first, as OSO seamlessly meshes serene melodies and riveting cuts of bass. ‘First Light’ is the type of garage tune that is perfectly suited for Inspected – its ability to act as both a complex story-telling ballad and a mindlessly danceable track is a recurring theme on the label.

Don’t miss ‘Inertia’ and ‘First Light’ below.