Nvctve Will Make You 'Snarl' With Their Latest – FUXWITHIT

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the self-proclaimed CEO of The White Noise Bass, last releasing back in July in an epic collaboration with Saka titled ‘BANE.’ Since then, Nvctve has been hard at work refining their sound and their craft, even promising more than one body of work in 2021 to make up for their relative silence this year. To tide fans over until then, the Massachusetts-based producer has unleashed a gut-wrenching single titled ‘Snarl’ that is sure to please a wide array of bass music lovers.

The introduction of ‘Snarl’ is minimal yet sinister, with a futuristic, digital tone contributing to the unsurmountable suspense that is created. Slowly, layers of bass and effects are added to further the eeriness of the soundscape, until the forty five-second mark hits and Nvctve lives up to their title. Mean, grungy synths take the forefront in a sound design haven of a drop that is relentlessly aggressive but flows smoothly for its entirety. The second half of ‘Snarl’ is equally as impressive, with more intricacies and ruggedness rounding out the halftime heater.

Nvctve landed on our Focus Five segment over a year ago and has not disappointed since. Don’t miss ‘Snarl’ below.