Music Is My Best Friend – FUXWITHIT

I can’t remember when we first met but ever since I was kid you’ve been there with me. When I look back at old family videos of Christmas and birthday parties, you were always in the background; adding life, providing energy and enhancing the mood for everyone around.

You were there through the best of times. Happy memories dancing in the living room with my brother, on road trips or while I was skateboarding, and playing video games. When times weren’t so good growing up you were there too. When my parents were fighting and I needed an escape I’d put my headphones on and you’d whisk me away to Queensbridge, Eight Mile or Marcy. You’d tell me street tales and remind me how lucky I was to have the life that I did.

I’ve never been alone because I have always had you. When I first began college you gave me confidence and put swagger in my step as I walked through the halls with my earbuds on. Any time I’ve come home to an empty house you immediately filled the room. Warm vibrations engulfing the scene with a familiar friend to keep loneliness at bay.

When work is difficult, boring or exhausting, you keep me entertained and energized. When I was working in a meat factory my favourite memories of us together played on loop, getting me through the brutal days. When I moved into office work you continued to ensure that even the most mundane tasks could be exciting.

If I’m at the gym, on a bike ride or going for a run you give me strength. You’re the best personal trainer I’ve ever had. You give me life and motivation, providing the invisible spot I need to literally raise the bar again and again.

When I was lost you gave me purpose. With university coming to an end, a “good job” lined up and having checked all the boxes you’re supposed to in life moving into adulthood, I felt empty. With so much focus on  growing up and doing what I was supposed to we lost touch and I almost forgot about what makes me happy. But you reminded me. You inspired me to start FUXWITHIT. A quest which has been one of the greatest decisions of my life. It’s deepened our connection in ways I could never have dreamed of and constantly gives me something to look forward to and strive for. It’s not only helped me immensely but provided a platform to help so many others.

Any time I needed help making friends you were there to help me out. I could speak about you to a complete stranger and suddenly our connection would deepen exponentially. A slightly awkward interaction could turn comfortable and impassioned just by mentioning you. Some of my greatest friendships have come with you at the foundation, and I’ve been able to connect with hundreds of people around the world because of you.

You make everything better. When I was grappling with stress and anxiety, struggling to get to sleep as my mind raced, you calmed me down. Your tranquil and meditative energy helped to relax, breathe and actually get some rest. Calming my nerves and aiding in sleep helped me to overcome anxiety and I still turn to you nightly to make drifting off that much more effortless.

It’s difficult to put into words everything you’ve done for me but this is a start. Thank you music, you’re my best friend.