msft Gives Rihanna's 'Pon de Replay' The Trap Treatment – FUXWITHIT

It’s in true trap fashion to bootleg popular songs. And while msft has a plethora of original heaters to listen to, he just dropped a ‘Pon De Replay’ remix that you won’t want to miss. This booty bouncing trap take on the club banger does Riri justice.

When asked about why msft decided to flip the famous track, he told FUXWITHIT, “‘Pon de Replay’ is one of the songs I was obsessed with as a kid and it’s a sort of tribute. I wanted to go melodic with the second drop keeping the halftime groove as I feel it’s a territory not being super explored in my production. I wanted to experiment not only with sound design but also with grooves.”

The ‘Pon De Replay’ bootleg takes Rihanna’s seductive vocals and gives it a glitchy makeover. But you’re in for a surprise. Midway through the song, msft switches gears into a funkier reimagination. The Italian beatmaker has said he’s been experimenting with genres other than trap lately, and while everyone knows our bias, we can admit he continues to kill every single one of them. All we can say is, msft. shows the fuck UP no matter what he’s bringing to the table.

Listen to the msft. remix of ‘Pon de Replay’ below.

msft. · pon de replay [Headbang Society Premiere]