Moore Kismet Travels Through The Cosmos With Their ‘UNIVERSE’ Album

Traveling through an endless multiverse of possibilities, Moore Kismet stuns all with their debut album, UNIVERSE. A journey you’ll embark on with great wonder and curiosity. Enticed by their colorful sound design, powerful lyric balance, and top-tier structures, this work of art is comprised of many twists and turns. Surprises hide around every corner through each listen. Surprising and touching listeners’ hearts from beginning to end. Creating a feeling of empowerment and freedom with its attitude and passion. This is the moment many fans from all over have been waiting on. And it’s more than safe to say the wait was truly worth it.

Throughout the years, Moore Kismet’s burning determination and top-tier skills have taken them down many different paths within the industry. From performing at major festivals such as Coachella and EDC Las Vegas, to creating countless amounts of hits, they’ve morphed into a shining icon within the scene. Inspiring many up-and-coming artists to show their own strengths through sound and to always be themselves no matter what throughout life. And this album alone is another safe haven for all. Accepting anyone within the world and telling listeners to never be afraid to take risks.

But they’re not alone during this enticing experience. Heavy hitters such as TYGKO, laxcity, Pauline Herr, and many more have all contributed their own priceless qualities and skills to this major vision. Complimenting their styles beautifully in such a poetic fashion. Creating individual realms you never knew existed.

The UNIVERSE LP is a contemporary dream of the future. Combining past techniques with newly refined skills to showcase their best work to date. From peaceful environments of melody, to violent and spacious chorus sections, the storytelling through these arrangements are something you’ll want to experience for a lifetime. Each track comes together like glistening pages in a storybook of untold riches. Making each reader and listener become addicted to the album’s vision and purpose. Crisp production presentation and satisfying frequency crafting are what you’ll find throughout this journey of time. And bravo to all of the contributors and collaborators as well. Everyone did a miraculous job to bring this to life. So make sure to go support Moore Kismet and everyone a part of the project by streaming the UNIVERSE LP everywhere! We’re stoked to hear where they go next.