Juelz Radiates Endless Energy And Power With ‘Eden’

Returning to the NIGHTMODE family with fierce passion and drive, Juelz presents his newest piece, ‘Eden.’ An upgraded and deadly new sound for his project. Containing signature qualities while delivering a higher power you can’t control. Unleashing a new beast from within through extra hard-hitting sound design and symbolism through frequency. The perfect tune to become instantly inspired from just the arrangement alone. Continuing to prove how fluent he is through his production and creativity.

With much excitement and success from his newest collaboration with Montell2099, fans from all over wanted even more. And the artist certainly delivered with flying colors. His last release with the label showed a different side to his overall vision. Tapping into new realms while honoring the house and trap genres as a whole. Now, with this newest installment to his journey, he shows major respect to the NIGHTMODE team by tapping into yet another unexplored territory of tone. If you’ve been following his art recently, you’ll instantly recognize this specific track. Being debuted in his Sable Valley Takeover Mix via BBC Radio 1 not too long ago!

‘Eden’ highlights what makes his art truly memorable and interesting. Always knowing how to set the stage in such a cinematic and stellar fashion. Comprised of an angelic vocal mixed with a spacious atmosphere, Juelz transports the listener into a cybernetic future with sheer strength. Bringing in those subtle yet impactful drums. Instantly putting a smile on your face during the calm before the storm. Shaking with anticipation to hear what’s next!

Once the chorus hits, it blasts you off into the stratosphere with a force you can’t describe. The way those monstrous drums work together with such a dangerous bass lead really is astounding. Feeling it through your bones and giving you chills from beginning to end. Creating a sense of mystery and empowerment. Making your mindset race against time itself. Throwing you for a loop you won’t forget. Continuing on and on until it concludes with a sinister tone. Making fans want to jump right back in for another round. So make sure to show your utmost support by streaming ‘Eden’ everywhere via NIGHTMODE!

NIGHTMODE · Juelz – Eden