Mersiv Throws You Into The Primordial Ooze With 'Osmosis' – FUXWITHIT

Many people create artwork, but not many ascend to the level of a true master of their craft. Michigan native Anderson Benoit, also known by his Mersiv alias, has showcased time and time again that he has more than a knack for curating some of the most splendid bass-heavy audible creations of the past several years. With the releases of his Paradise and Solar Vision EP’s already this year, he’s unveiled the evolution of his updated sound and continued his trend of unstoppable success. Now, he’s back at it again with a downtempo heater of epic proportions in the form of ‘Osmosis.’

Deep, rich, and undeniably powerful, ‘Osmosis’ is a deep dive into just how electrifying downtempo pieces can be. As delectable and enticing as a scrumptious chocolate cake, this is a piece that will leave listeners feeling more than fulfilled, even broaching on ‘engorged’ territory. Immaculate layering and lush melodies create a sense of drifting through space and time, calm serenity at the forefront of listeners’ minds as their consciousness ascends to plains they never knew possible. If you need to afford yourself a brief moment of peace for your mind, body, and soul, this is a miraculous tool to achieve just that. Check out the tranquil beauty that is ‘Osmosis’ for yourself below!