B&L Announce Lake Brownies & Lemonade – FUXWITHIT

While festivals haven’t been at the forefront of everyone’s brains this year, I think we can all say how much we miss live shows. Brownies & Lemonade has made sure we haven’t gone without new music, though! Without fail, the team has thrown virtual fests, live streams, and ensures we know weekly releases through new music Friday tweets. But they aren’t stopping there—the event throwers are coming in clutch once again with Lake Brownies & Lemonade at Lake Havasu!

Pencil August 27-29, 2021 in your calendar because you’re promised an all-inclusive experience for 3 days and 2 nights. Team B&L is promising daytime lake activities, beach parties, after-parties, bonfires, and special guests. You can lock in a spot for a down payment of $10. There’s no line-up yet but based on their track record, you can guarantee it will be stacked.

We’re all hoping there’s a vaccine before next summer, but we’re happy that B&L has been helping us have a great time at the comfort of our homes ’til then. With everyone helping each other stay safe by wearing masks and staying home, we’re super excited to have something to look forward to with Lake Brownies & Lemonade! Check out the website for more info.

Lake Brownies & Lemonade