Matroda ‘Jack The House 3’ Is Dance Floor Ready

Matroda’s steady and impressive output has made him a favourite in the house scene. From last year’s Jack The House 2, to recent releases ‘PWR,’ and ‘Temperature,’ Matroda has been on a tear. Keeping the momentum going comes Jack The House 3, a six-track EP that’ll have you dancing all night. ‘Wasting Time’ kicks things off in style where classic house grooves meet a modern, sleek twist. ‘Main Ingedients’ proves to be the perfect recipe to get your feet moving, while ‘Temperature’ ups the energy to a peak. On ‘Mozart’ Matroda fuses classical music with tech house for an interesting take. Closing things out are ‘Body Move’ and ‘Beep.’ Both tracks feel futuristic and computerized, providing a unique sonic shift to cap off the project.

Stream Matroda’s Jack The House 3 below.