EASTGHOST Wards Of Negative Entities With ‘END-LE77’

The fluent techniques and abilities of EASTGHOST‘s work are unpredictable and inspiring. Poetic melodies, crisp drums, and a spirit of justice are what you’ll find within each of his pieces. Always setting the stage for his audience in a gorgeous and impactful fashion. Always understanding how to truly grip your heart and emotions with care and passion. And with his newest single, ‘END-LE77,’ he’s showcasing another production of rebirth and peace. Setting him apart from the rest once again!

This work of art stays true to his vision while building a new road along his journey to success. From his signature cinematic atmosphere, hard-hitting sound design, and organic storytelling, this track will easily whisk you away into a safe haven you can call home. Every section adds to this tale of discovery and balance while integrating more and more elements. Working together hand in hand to create a euphoric and ear-soothing experience for all. So make sure to go show your support by streaming ‘END-LE77’ everywhere via Phuture Collective!