Marauda Makes His Hardest Track Yet With 'Avoidable Cause' – FUXWITHIT

Setting himself up concretely as one of the most forward-thinking minds in all of dubstep, Australia’s Marauada, formerly known as Mastadon, has catapulted himself into the limelight in recent years with his own trademarked brand of excessively heavy music. Dazzling millions of ravenous headbangers with his first breakthrough track ‘Casket‘, which he’s followed up with the likes of ‘Dong‘, ‘Death Pit‘, and scores of massively successful remixes for various dons in the industry. The next evolution for him was starting his own imprint to continue his campaign of sonic dominance, which he made a reality earlier this year with the birth of Malignant Music, a cozy home for all productions that spike blood pressure levels to nearly irresponsible levels. They released their first compilation album in the form of Malignant Vol. 1 just 3 months ago, and it’s already made tidal waves of success throughout the community. Now, Marauda is back, and taking absolutely no prisoners with his latest release ‘Avoidable Cause.’

As soon as the first note sounds in ‘Avoidable Cause’, you know you’re in for a wild ride, so strap-in securely, the rollercoaster is nearing its peak. As the cart ticks ever-faster up the track, your adrenaline sends shockwaves of energy coursing throughout your entire being. Imbuing you with ungodly, satanic pulsations that instantly deck you out in a powerful, all-black aesthetic. ‘Avoidable Cause’ should be avoided at all costs at any child’s birthday party, unless you want your children to start rocking pashminas and pinecones as their daily attire. The first part of the initial drop is punishing enough, but then it kicks things into overdrive with unrelenting sustained notes that pack as much punch as a hurricane at full force. Devastating anything that stumbles into its path, it’s more than a force to be reckoned with, it could potentially be a sign of the end of times. For fans of stupid-heavy pieces, this one is assuredly top-tier content. Check it out for yourself below!