Krimer Balances Powerful Vocals And Brutal Bass In 'Resurrection' – FUXWITHIT

Montreal-based Simon Bertrand, better know as Krimer, has been a recurring force in the dubstep scene for years, honing in on a signature sound without ever letting it grow stale. With his Zero Day EP dating back to April as well as his ID-riddled Root Kit Vol. 1 mix, the producer has furthered his grasp on this sound throughout 2020, and now he returns to Never Say Die: Black Label with the release of ‘Resurrection,’ one of the favourites from his most recent mix.

To put it simply, ‘Resurrection’ is quintessential Krimer with a little twist provided by the powerful vocals of Micah Martin. The introduction is captivating and driven by the vocalist without undermining the underlying musicality provided by Krimer. However, as the fifty-second mark hits, Krimer takes over with a brief build up before unleashing raw dubstep madness, highlighted by his typical mind-melting sound design and headbang-inducing flow. ‘Resurrection’ finds the perfect balance between Micah Martin and Krimer’s presence. Don’t miss it below.