Knock2 Dances Through the Cosmos with 'PARANOiD' – FUXWITHIT

Showering us with angelic tones and frequencies from above, Knock2 returns to the stars with ‘PARANOiD.’ The track marks a major, monumental return to the NIGHTMODE label, creating yet another timeless hit thanks to his signature flows and qualities. Showcasing how powerful and indestructible he truly is and guiding the house genre down a wonderful road, while honoring the company’s name in all its glory, Knock2 is ringing in the new year with a complete BANG!

2021 was an amazing year for the artist. Not only did he release jaw-dropping compositions, but he’s molded a priceless journey you’ll never forget within this scene. He’s always delivering the latest and the greatest to his listeners while striving to reach a higher goal for his career. From funky and everlasting rhythms to top-tier branding surrounding it all, there’s always something new and exciting you’ll discover about this prodigy. And with his debut on NIGHTMODE, ‘dashstar*,’ becoming one of the biggest tracks of last year, he’s coming back around for round two. So for all you house heads out there, you just found your next dance anthem.

‘PARANOiD’ is an uplifting boost of confidence and solidarity. A true blast of radiant talent and priceless energy to say the least. From a groovy beginning containing sonic tones that’ll transport you to a festival main stage, to a chorus highlighting what makes the artist a high-level speed demon, there’s no telling what you’ll expect next. The unpredictability throughout the track instantly grips the audience’s attention every second. Then, the song plays out in its entirety to absorb all of its shining capabilities. And let’s not forget his professional sampling techniques, though. The way he implements his vocals completely elevates his art, adding to the waviness of the track itself. Every section flows perfectly for a sweet and satisfying after-effect. This is definitely a beautiful and impactful way to start off the new year. So make sure to show your support by streaming ‘PARANOiD’ everywhere via NIGHTMODE.