Dweller Reveals Massive 2022 Lineup for 5-Day New York City Festival – FUXWITHIT

“How do we find each other in the noise?” is a question Dweller asks upon announcing the lineup third festival installation. For 2022, Dweller aims to “explore intergenerational connections in Black electronic music and how profound those ties have been in building something new for ourselves.” You can join in the exploration from February 23-27 in New York City,

The blog and event-thrower has become a staple in the New York City dance music scene, having created an independently-funded platform to focus on Black artists.

We strive to be a black lighthouse; a siren in the storm for those who know the isolating whitewaters of electronic all too well. At this time, the authorities controlling this current seek to drown the voices and new structures that can reverse the flow of power back into our hands. We must be vigilant towards persisting as to not just speak for ourselves but redistribute resource, equity, and justice in a space that has long made its worth on the backs of the silenced.


The festival is usually held in Bushwick’s Bossa Nova Civic Club, but after a tragic fire took place in the apartment above the venue, it’s been closed indefinitely. (You can donate to the crowdfund which will go to both the club, staff, and tenants here. It’s only reached one-third of its goal!)

While more specific details about the event and COVID-19 protocols will be available soon, the lineup it’s stacked with prominent names from all over the world. LSDXOXO, DJ Noir, and Tygapaw are just a few of the names that are included.

You can view the full lineup below and follow Dweller on Twitter and Instagram for further updates.Dweller 3 2022 Lineup FUXWITHITArtwork by Hassan Rahim