Kizer Gets Swanky On Latest Partica Release 'Don't Dance' – FUXWITHIT

Partica has been making waves with their interactive Twitch streams and a string of consistently solid releases, and ‘Don’t Dance’ is no exception. Kizer, the Denver-based up & coming bass music producer brought the heat and then some with this absolute whopper of a track. Pushing his sound further through the realm of unforgettably stanky grooves, this release tugs grubby synths through rhythmic pockets to create a bounce that defies the commanding title. The beat is baked with a swooning 808, pots-and-pans percussion, and is lightly salted with a swingin’ vocal sample, fashioning a tune that is impossible to resist knocking your head to. Grab a taste of Kizer’s swanky style below and try your absolute hardest not to thizz-face your way through it.