Khamsin Joins bitbird With Poignant Single, 'Over' – FUXWITHIT

As one of the leading forces behind innovative future bass over the last few years, Khamsin has set a high standard for himself by consistently pushing a refreshing sound, both with his solo project and as part of the French super-group Slow Hours. Setting such a standard can often have an impact on one’s musical output, which appears to have been the case with Khamsin, who hadn’t released an official original since 2018. However, that drought has come to an end, as Khamsin has recently joined the bitbird family and is now ready to make his mark on the imprint with ‘Over.’

After a single listen of ‘Over,’ one will immediately recognize Khamsin’s contribution to Slow Hours while also getting insight into his growth as an artist. The introduction is blissful and orchestral, painting an ethereal soundscape with its angelic aura. A steady build leads listeners to a drop-like section characterized by the same textures of the opening, but with snappy percussion driving the energy behind the change of pace. The second half of the track follows the same recipe, but Khamsin adds a touch of spice to the mix to up the euphoria factor by a few notches. Lyricless but impactful, ‘Over’ showcases Khamsin at his best. Don’t miss it below.