Kabwasa Reps California In Groovy 2-Track EP 'Westside' – FUXWITHIT

California love has never been more real. Watsonville native Kabwasa is in the cut, flaunting his state in his latest release, an EP called Westside. Now based out of Los Angeles, the rapper reps the coast with two tracks that share just how much he adores his home. He shares with us, “There’s a lot of rappers reppin the Bay Area and there’s a lot of rappers reppin So-Cal, but there’s not many rappers showin love to the Central Coast. With Westside Funk I wanted to give the Center Coast the love they deserve.”

Kabwasa brings two delightful tracks to Westside with appropriately named ‘Westside Funk’ and ‘Westside Blues.’ He starts it off with high energy, spitting, “I’m serving face on the left side/ Know that that’s my best side/ Steppin to that west side funk/ Watsonville dreamin California livin/ Everybody from the 831.” The artist then slows things down with love song ‘Westside Blues’ that encapsulates the romantic energy of R&B. Whether he’s rapping or singing, his way with words will resonate with listeners from any coast.

Check out Westside below and watch the newly-dropped ‘Westside Funk’ music video below!