JAWNS Continues To Push The Boundaries With 'RPM' – FUXWITHIT

Since going solo, veteran producer Long Phung aka JAWNS has continued to raise the bar release after release. Since the project’s debut EP House of God, we’ve been blessed with the sounds of gritty analog synths and drum machines, giving that hint of nostalgia in every release. Even with a foundation in the analog hardware, JAWNS continues to find ways to apply his vast production knowledge to these timeless machines, in a sense breathing new life into them. Already on the fast track to success, this project has become a staple of the sounds of RL Grime’s label, Sable Valley, which was host to the aforementioned EP and most recently ‘Supercell’ on Sable Valley’s Summer compilation. This time the talented producer continues his streak of bangers with ‘RPM.’ 

We begin with a dark and gritty analog melody that sounds straight out the engine of Shelby Cobra with a deep growling tone. That muddy synth is soon joined by a symphony of identically gritty melody in various pitches. The whole intro and build sections can best be described as a group of racers revving their engines as they await their green light. In this track, by the time we get to our “Green Light” the suspense has been built so masterfully, you know exactly what’s coming next. Those mean analog synths take over while the drums carry the momentum through this energetic drop section. Before it’s all said and done, we’re even gifted a drum and bass switch-up to top off this banger. Make sure to stream the whole thing down below!