It Is The Perfect Time to 'Meditate' With Jay Dunham, Mephi and ZAHIA – FUXWITHIT

A few months ago the house connoisseur known as Tchami shared a little sneak peak of a highly-addictive single to be released on his very own imprint Confession. Who do you ask crafted this single to allow us ‘Meditate’ during this time we need it the most? It is no other than Jay Dunham, Mephi and ZAHIA who have combined their dance-floor ready production styles to craft a beautiful masterpiece which tends to get groovier as the night progresses. While Jay Dunham draws on his own inspirations to keep the crowd moving with releases such as his signature remix of Malaa’s ‘OCB’, Tokyo-based producer Mephi has been blessing Japan by sharing his ecelectic production elements which explore both a mystic, yet unique funkiness to house music. With ZAHIA motivated to share his perspective of creating art inspired by space and time, the alliance between these producers for creating a revolutionizing single only makes sense.

Flowing directly into a rythmic bass-line aligned with a series of frequencies which chime in and out of the single, these producers are communicating with their listeners as they enter a state of relaxation. Slowly losing control of your mind, mystic vocals and waves of luring snares build up for the darkness approaching. Shifting levels from the tension infused build-up to the drop, gloomy basslines and supernatural percussions initiate that solid house groove we all need in our lives. With the second drop developing an underground vibe fueled with futuristic-like synths and a contagious beat, the monotone vocals are the perfect addition to keep us dancing all night long. As the music community continues to unite during this uneasy time, it is definitely the perfect time to meditate no matter where you are in the world.