LYNY Goes Pedal To The Medal With 'CANT STOP' – FUXWITHIT

The underground trap scene arguably has some of the best talents across all of electronic music right now, and one of the names that is at the top of that scene is FUX favorite LYNY. The nineteen-year-old has proven time and time again that his production ability can stack up to almost anyone in the scene right now. LYNY always comes correct with these booming 808s that carry the rhythm, along with some classic re-sampling, but of course with a new flavor. Most recently, the Chicago native stopped by FUXWITHIT to drop off his guest mix that was full of mind-blowing IDs. Today we get one of those IDs from the mix, with his latest single ‘CANT STOP.’ 

We start by being introduced to these hypnotic lead synths, which is looped to create the melody in the intro.  The pitch of this synth is slowly raised, while the drums are brought on right before the first drop. When we reach this section, we’re met by these gritty lead basses that will have you looking like you just ate a pack of sour patch kids. In addition to these basses, we’re also shown a counter-melody that’s played by this sweeping hi-pitched synth that adds that extra movement within the track. At this point, if you’re sleeping on LYNY, wake up! Make sure you go stream this down below and grab your free download!