iSorin Challenges Physics With Latest Single 'Dissociate' Via Electric Hawk – FUXWITHIT

“So many good wave songs right now.”

Today I’ve decided to kick off this article by quoting a SoundCloud comment not because I feel lazy, but because I believe this user has put on paper what is the simple reality of the facts. With the gargantuan Wavepool vol. 3 compilation and the epic stunning return of Klimenks on Wavemob, the past week was already a memorable one for fans of the genre and seeing our friends at Electric Hawk adding fuel to the fire was just the ice on the cake. With releases spanning from intimate to more hyperactive moods, iSorin has steadily grown up into one of the leading names in the American scene since his first appearance on FUXWITHIT. ‘Dissociate’ fits perfectly into the second category and aims to take you, stealing Electric Hawk’s words, “on a celestial bass journey.”

Too vague? Fine, let me find you a more down-to-earth visual representation. What about a collision between two supermassive black holes? Because that’s exactly what I imagine while listening to ‘Dissociate’. The extreme glitchy nature of the main synth conveys a sense of total fragmentation to me, as the space-time binomial was no longer such an obvious physical law. The behemoth bass instead inexorably spreads in the background like gravitational waves, filling the whole atmosphere with their invisible but still tangible presence. The angelic and airy vocals which debut in the breakdown appear as the only human-like element in the composition. However, exactly like the human nature itself, they are fleeting and frail compared to the complexity of the instrumental part and end up being just a beautiful and romantic apparition that inexorably merges into the ether.