IMANU & Jon Casey Team Up In Mind-Melting 'Kotaro' – FUXWITHIT

IMANU and Jon Casey are among bass music’s most exciting acts to follow. Innovators in their own right as they refuse to conform to genres or expectations, the individuals have carved unique lanes in the scene through pushing creativity and novelty at a rate that many only dream of achieving. While both artists have crafted a distinct sound that often falls within a specific genre, their true mastery shines when they go beyond stylistic boundaries, and this is especially true when collaborating with others. Now, for the first time, the two have linked up to concoct a mind-melting monster of a tune titled ‘Kotaro’ via the coveted Sable Valley, and once again exemplify this ingenious mindset.

The fast-paced tune is not for the faint of heart, boasting a hypnotizing aura that persists for the entirety of the track. From the get go, the crisp percussion and repeated vocals lure listeners in with its intriguing yet sinister soundscape. As further layers are added, the menacing ambience only continues to grow, with a sample resonating “I love it when they try to get get get..” lending an uneasy, ominous hand to the already chilling piece. Despite its chaos, ‘Kotaro’ is beautifully put together, with IMANU and Jon Casey combining their styles to forge a track that induces goosebumps, but that one can not get enough of. The innovation never ceases either, with the artists opting out of the cookie-cutter formula (as they usually do) to deliver an even more thrilling second half. Simply put, ‘Kotaro’ is a wild beast, and a personal favourite of 2022 so far. Don’t miss it below.