Hucci Provides His Listeners A Sense of Peace With 'WORLD' – FUXWITHIT

Last year the trap-connoisseur known as Hucci had blessed his listeners with a slow tempo version of ‘Vision Slowed’ further instilling a strong connection with his original fan base. Today, the trap legend is back with a surprise release to enter Hucci’s ‘WORLD,’ of downtempo innovative sounds crafted as an escape route for many amidst the coronavirus crisis. Staying at home has just gotten more enjoyable as Hucci further showcases his eclectic sound through this beautiful masterpiece. Sharing an uplifting melody flowing perfectly with powerful vocals, Hucci’s incorporates subtle percussion and a soft bass chord to provide his listeners a sense of peace during this overwhelming time. Gently being guided into Hucci’s world of stunning sound design and calming instrumentals, echos of his signature “Hucci” sample are incorporated throughout the single to remind us of his one of a kind production style. If there was a single to further perpetuate why we need music more than ever right now, Hucci gives us hope that we will get back to the normal days together.