Slow Magic Hits 'Home' with New Single – FUXWITHIT

Slow Magic recently dropped a captivating single called ‘Home’. The song happens to be the lead single from his forthcoming EP, ‘it’s the end of the world but it’s ok.’ We don’t know if Slow Magic is some kind of psychic… But the EP is pretty aptly named for what’s going on right now.

Slow Magic describes ‘Home’ with a message, “’I swore the sky was falling / but the morning sun still rose.’ These lyrics from my new single ‘Home’ encapsulate the message of my album, ‘it’s the end of the world but it’s ok.’ Now more than ever, it can feel like everything is falling apart. With this project and this song, I want to remind people that even through the worst times, we can make it through.”

We can understand exactly where the artist is coming from. His empathetic and jarring lyrics, as well as his melancholic beat, is a great analogy of the emotional climate of the world.
Slow Magic’s ‘Home’ touches upon the frustrating reality of things we can’t control. However, the calming future bass song ends with a hopeful message that sooner or later, ‘we’re going home.’ It’s exactly what we needed since the world is currently chaotic. And we also want to show our deepest sympathy and solidarity to all those who are dealing with unexpected hardships.
If you have something to be grateful for, keep trying to stay encouraged! Show kindness to others who may be having it harder than you during this time. Listen to the health experts, and we’ll all get through this together. After all, in the end—no matter how long or hard the journey—we’ll all be going home.

Listen to Slow Magic ‘Home’ below and let us know what you think!