HOUNDTRACK Tells A Story Of Escape And Rebirth With His 'Last Chance At Life' Album – FUXWITHIT

Many albums over many years have told wonderful stories of different topics and beliefs, but one in particular has truly blew our hearts away. An album telling a story about our world heading for the worst. And how three friends take it into their own hands to really do something about it. To set off into the outskirts of our vision in order to find refuge and rebuild life as we know it. The album we speak of is called Last Chance At Life from non other than HOUNDTRACK. This artist has proven to be one of the most diverse musicians of out. And this new work of art is nothing but perfect.

Last Chance At Life is a gorgeous tale about escape and rebirth. Completely taking over your minds with hope and care. It’s a colorful garden filled with some of the most beautiful flora you’ve ever witnessed. But HOUNDTRACK isn’t taking off alone. Accompanying him along his life changing mission are legends B-Dos, capshun and Blueout. All masters of melody and production overall. Such marvelous choices. The album is filled with jaw dropping elements and atmospheres. Each telling their own chapter along their journey to save mankind from extinction. The way HOUNDTRACK conducted each element to play a role in his tale was purely impressive. Taking care of each part as if they were individual songs. Leaving tears stream down your face. Making the listener become purely addicted and one with the vision. From beginning to end, it truly does immerse you into a world filled with new possibilities and wonder. Discovering something you thought you lost inside yourself as a human being.

It’s safe to say this whole album will push electronic music into a brighter and memorable light. It’s a life changing experience which has already saved our world. Creating a memories you’ll hold onto for a lifetime. Definitely go support this body of work by streaming Last Chance At LifeĀ everywhere.