Hazeline Taffe’s Newest Album Is Here: The Holy Awakening

Solo act Hazeline Taffe is back with her third full-length album called The Holy Awakening and this time the American singer calls for her fellow peoples to act now before it’s too late. Just like in the Bible, Taffe’s collection includes ten songs– a reminder of the ten sins we should all be away from. 

Hazeline Taffe’s story into making music is full of tragedy, however, the powerful artist used music as a healing solution for her pain. Now, she uses her music not only to heal herself, but for her tens of thousands of listeners who might share similar devestations from their own lives. 

To describe her newest album, Hazeline Taffe said “The Holy Awakening is packed with a broad array of messages that teaches us how to live amongst each other through grace, faith, and love.” She continued, “Themes that bring out hope in humanity that requires a great amount of effort for change which ultimately can create change in the world.” A one-of-a-kind human with endless passion for her art and connection with the spiritual realm. 

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