GRIP Bars Up On ‘Dirty Work’

In a world of Tik-Tok rappers and social media stars, GRIP stands out among the wackness with razor-sharp bars and incredible flows. He reminds fans of a time when it was all about the raw skills. First making waves with Snubnose and upping the ante with Proboscidea, he truly arrived with his Shady-backed I Died For This? , which was one of the best rap projects of last year. Keeping the momentum going he’s dropped a grip of impeccable singles to prove he’s only getting better.

Sharpening his pencil comes ‘Dirty Work,’ a no-nonsense barrage of bars that demonstrates why GRIP is truly one of the nicest out. The flow on this track is intricate and impeccable, effortlessly bending the words around the beat. The first verse is aggressive and dripping with quotables while the hook provides a more relaxed break to let listeners relax before he comes back to body the track on verse two. The bars below are a little sample of what you can expect from ‘Dirty Work.’ Trust me you’ll be hitting rewind to catch all the punches.

I’m levitatin’, GRIP on the up and up, who think they tough enough?
I’m detonatin’, blowin’ up such and such, hope he ain’t suffer much
Enough debatin’, want me on a track? To me, that’s supper waitin’
The flow is suffocatin’, somebody resuscitate him
Way I cook on the hook and the verse, I need a fuckin’ apron
All of you boys get put into hearses, sendin’ ’em up to Satan

Oops, I mean sendin’ ’em up to Jesus, leavin’ ’em cut in pieces
Here to disrupt your thesis, thinkin’ “GRIP not a hip-hop GOAT”
Must don’t know what time it is, guess his wristwatch broke
Get back, this that “put him in a Ziplock” dope GRIP

Listen to ‘Dirty Work’ below and look out for GRIP, he’s the future.