Get Lost With thook's 'Pass The Chops' – FUXWITHIT

If you’ve mined SoundCloud for experimental trap gems, chances are you’re quite familiar with thook. The producer cut his teeth with consistent SoundCloud uploads that left brains blown and brought listeners to new realms. With releases on Quality Goods Records and Dome of Doom he’s expanded beyond just the SoundCloud underground, but he’s bringing it back. “first of 3, for the FIGHT CLUB EP. A small free form project, highlighting sonic refractions and off kilter movements. I’m gonna keep these just on soundcloud – I feel like we’ve all moved far from where this platform was originally.. we keeping it clean this time around ¡¡¡¡” thook states with the release of the first single ‘PASS THE CHOPS.’

thook is a builder of worlds and his latest takes us to a rugged landscape. Rocky coastlines and jagged hills frame the scene. Hunters dots the landscape with shimmering spears and hand-carved bows in hand. As you cruise down the emerald river, impending doom looms heavily while a sense of adventure pushes you onward. As you dock on land an epic clash erupts between two tribes. Battle cries ring as drums dance, fires burn and bodies clash and slash. Violent, engrossing and audacious, ‘PASS THE CHOPS’ will have you lost with no desire to ever return.

Stream below and grab the free download.